Been busy!!!

Been extremely busy and lazy about updating this site…

What got me so busy?

  • Moved back to Guinea ( West Africa )
  • Started 2 promising businesses ( The D-Corp. and PayCard )
  • Launched multiple products under The D-Corp.
    • GestComm, for small businesses. Now at version 2 🙂
    • SMS BroadCast ( almost dead now, but will relaunch soon… )
    • TimeTracker, for employees clock-in and clock-out
    • CloudSync ( based on OwnCloud )
    • GuineeShop – the name says it all
  • And I got married and got a beautiful baby boy 🙂

But it’s time to update my personal page and try to keep it updated.

New Plan

Very soon, I’ll have a new list for my the Year of 2012 (to be done before the end of world in December J)

So looking back at 2011, I would say that even though I didn’t accomplish most of the things on my list, I like the changes I have made in my life and think that it’s a big improvement.

I am mostly excited about a project that I’m working on, which could be my lifetime project as well, inch Allah.

So about 2012, I’m already thinking about more changes I want to make in my life. Maybe get married…? Or not… lol.

But I’m really hoping to launch a personal project of mine and have it blow up like crazy… that will be my 2012 objective.

P.S: Guinea is not bad… I love being with family. Only thing is that I miss my H-Town friends and Kratos L

Thanks for wasting your time on my thoughts.

— Mohamed Diarra |
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